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“Cacao” a work that celebrates and focuses on the complex and subtle relationship between women and chocolate. “Cacao” is a little treat that takes you on a journey of  desire, pleasure and addiction. It’s a playful flirt between contemporary dance and classical ballet. It’s a treat that can melt on the tongue and stimulate the mind.

“Cacao” was done in collaboration with Summerbird. The audience each received a small box containing three pieces of chocolate and a booklet describing the different attributes (texture, taste, aftertaste, structure, consistence etc) of chocolate. These attributes were represented choreographically in the performance.

Original premiere

Louise Crnkovic-Friis

Wayne Siegel and Louise Crnkovic-Friis

Marianne Meyer and Louise Crnkovic-Friis

Light design and Scenography
Kim Glud