In my work as a choreographer and visual artist, I explore what I call ‘extended ontology’, a concept that broadens the scope of intelligence beyond the neurotypical perspective. My exploration hinges on the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and neurodiversity, challenging and expanding traditional narratives of intelligence and perception. I engage with AI not just as a tool, but as a representation of a distinct form of intelligence, which opens new avenues for artistic exploration. Neurodiversity plays a significant role, allowing me to delve into the diversity in human cognition, further expanding and shaping the ‘extended ontology’ concept. The presence of AI in the art and academic realm is met with an undeniable tension, as it disruptively blurs the boundaries between human creativity and machine intelligence. In navigating this tension, my practice does not aim for resolution, but rather embraces this dynamic space for exploration. The engagement with AI serves as a conduit to delve deeper into the complexities of intelligence, allowing a journey into the liminoid spaces where human and machine, tradition and innovation intersect. It is within this that I find fertile ground for playful artistic exploration – a space to question, provoke dialogue, and reimagine artistic expression.